Why Use Kudos?

Why Use Kudos?
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From the outset you can expect a prompt response with a unique itinerary tailored to each client’s requirements;  a detailed and informative programme to make it easier for you to sell to your clients.

Kudos is here to represent you in Scotland;  to give advice and to help you make the right choices for your clients.

Kudos offers a very flexible approach – we are here to service your needs, to make your job easier.

As a company we are professional and reliable, yet at the same time provide a friendly and personal service.

We ensure careful pricing to suit all budgets providing quality but also value for money.

You can rely on us to update you on what’s new and exciting – from new products to ideas with a twist, inspiring and creative itineraries.

When working with you on your group we demonstrate our operational expertise and meticulous attention to detail throughout our communication with you, from start to finish.

And in addition:

Multi-Lingual Staff
24 hour on-call service
Welcome Packs for the group on arrival
Up-to-date knowledge through continual research and property inspections.
  Tel: +44 (0) 131 661 4996
  Fax: +44 (0) 131 661 4997
  Email: info@kudos-scotland.co.uk